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 Melchizedek’s Order of the Blue Rose

The Order of the Blue Rose is an ancient Order of Healers and was established on Planet Venus of the Great Central Sun under the direction of Melchizedek. The name Blue Rose comes from the beautiful blue roses that grow on Planet Venus. Our Cosmic Mother Mary was initiated into the Order by Melchizedek. A few years ago, Mother Mary brought back the Order to Earth and has initiated many here, through Rev. Cathy Acker. The mission of the Blue Rose Healers is to become clear channels for the Healing, Divine Light from Father/Mother God and to hold the highest intentions for all concerned.

Mother Mary asked that part of the Christ Matrix work be dedicated to healing activities under the name of the Blue Rose Foundation. Suzie Addicks took the lead and started the Melchizedek Order of the Blue Rose Healing Circle. The Circle is a group of light workers who meet to share their light, love, and support for each other. The group is well grounded to the Cosmic Mother, Mother Mary, the Cosmic Christ, Lord Sananda and the Christ Matrix; we also have a strong connection with Helios and Vesta in the Great Central Sun and the Great White Brotherhood. When the group meets, they begin with a meditation, centering and clearing of auras. Then they discuss any issues that the group has and what the focus is for the gathering. They work with the Violet Flame and hands on healing. Several members are also Reiki healers. Many of the group activities are teleconferenced.

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Blue Rose Foundation