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The Importance of Mantras and Prayers

by Suzie Addicks

Mantras and Prayers are very powerful and when said with voice (sound) it sets the thought energy into motion. It is very important to say prayers and mantras with feeling and from a pure heart. The most powerful prayers come from pure intent and for the highest of good for self and all. When the heart and chakras are cleared from the lower mind and you focus on the true consciousness of pure love. Your prayers are heard in the higher heavens. When the body, mind and heart are filled with less than Christ consciousness love for all creation, your prayers never leave your physical body because they do not hold Divine Light. Mantras and prayers are also used to change how your physical mind thinks. When mantras are said over and over and in a rhythmic pattern they can change the programming of your thoughts. If your mind is always focused on the negative, like I am not good enough or I am not this or that. It will be true. Focus on the goodness in you and others, and that is what you will be and see in others. You begin to focus on all your good qualities and you will be creating with God quality thoughts and not duality. This is putting God first in all that you are and do. Through meditation and prayer daily, you begin to learn who you truly are. You will find your peace within your heart and begin to create what truly brings you joy and you can share your joy with others. This is our true nature of being. You are what you create weather you are aware of it are not.

I do a FREE teleconferencing class every month on meditation and healing of self and the planet. When a group of people get together for meditation and prayer it becomes more powerful. You are able to connect with higher light consciousness, Angels and Ascended Masters of light and the power of the prayers are multiplied. The more that you come together and at a regular time, you build on the momentum and light that goes out to heal the planet and the people of this planet.

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Emerald Matrix Prayer


by Suzie Addicks, April 28, 2007

I have withstood the fire of time,
I AM the fire light of God, forged in matter from the heart of love
I AM the power of Light in my heart from my Mother/Father God Source
I AM the light of my Mighty I AM, forged in the fire of matter and feeling worlds
To shine like a beacon, the Mighty I AM, for all to see
I AM an Emerald Matrix, forged from the heart of Mother light
With the Love and intent of life for all in the highest of Cosmic Law
I AM a green tree for the singing bird, to come and sing a song in my heart
For the Divine Light of Mother/Father Source of All Creation
I like, the bird must have the freedom to create my song, to sing
I AM Alpha and Omega in the heart of Divine Light


by Suzie Addicks, May 9, 2007

I AM calling to my Mother/Father God Source of all life
Hallowed be thy name I AM
My Mighty I AM Presence of God Source to enfold, guide and to protect me
I AM a river of thy Divine Love and Light wherever I AM
I AM lighting the path for all to see, I AM
I AM your love, wisdom and power within each and every breath I breathe
I AM Alpha and Omega, I AM

Fire of Time

by Suzie Addicks
I have withstood the fire of time.  For I AM the fire light of God, forged in matter from the heart of love.

I AM Mantra

by Suzie Addicks
I AM calling to my mother/father God source of all life hallowed be they name...


by Suzie Addicks, June 11, 2007
I AM THE WHITE BUDDHA IN THE LOTUS OF THE DIAMOND HEART I AM an immaculate concept of pure love light from the God Source of all life.
Flowing through all that I AM and with all, as the great wide openness.
Moving like the gentleness of a butterfly as it moves across the breath of this earth.
Moving from the flower to the flower with the joy of just being.

I AM the gentle blue and white flow of the waters of cosmic light.
Washing the earth to shine like a diamond rainbow in the sun light.
I AM the dancing light in the moonlight upon the waters.
All of this I AM and more.

I AM the White Buddha in the lotus of the heart.
Within the center of the diamond heart of being.
I AM the stillness, the peace and the light of the heart.
All of this I AM and more.

Open your heart and mind to the light in your eyes.
For I AM waiting for you to see me, in you.
I AM not hard to find, for I AM just a breath away and the blink of an eye.
Breath deeply and open your eyes to the light in your heart.


Three Fold Flame Mantra/Prayer

by Suzie Addicks, July 13, 2007
Three Fold Flame O’ Three Fold Flame of Cosmic God Source in me,
expand and flow through me as a river of Cosmic Light.

I call forth the Light of my I AM to assist my Three Fold Flame
and Heart Center to become balanced in all that I AM.

Help me to expand and manifest Divine Wisdom
within every breath of life you give me.
And with the Power of Love, help me,
to use my God Wisdom in all that I Am.

Help me to always see with Divine Wisdom
and to live in my heart with Divine Light flowing through me
and back again to Source, as the Light of never ending Joy.
Help me to always walk in Divine Light as the Wisdom of Love,
the Power of Love and the Love of Love for the greater of Cosmic Law.

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